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Peter Van Zant Semiconductor Training Materials
A Practical Guide to
Semiconductor Processing
  By: Peter Van Zant · Fifth Edition, © 2004 · $69.95 US
MICROCHIP FABRICATION, A Practical Guide to Semiconductor Processing, 5th Edition New to this Edition:
  • Nanotechnology
  • 300-mm Wafer Processing
  • Green Processes and Devices
  • New Fabrication Advances

The # 1 book in the industry -- completely revised and updated

An optimum introduction to the industry that drives high tech, Microchip Fabrication offers a low-math, straight-talk approach to the entire process of semiconductor processing -- from raw materials through shipping the finished, packaged device. With lots of detailed illustrations and analogies to everyday life, this is the industry's most novice-friendly text!

Used for training, teaching, and vocational-technical programs, Microchip Fabrication covers every stage of semiconductor processing, from raw material preparation to packaging and testing and traditional and state-of-the-art processes. Each chapter contains quizzes and review summaries buttressed by an extensive glossary.

By the time you've finished Microchip Fabrication, you'll have a solid working knowledge of the important issues and processes and materials and methods involved in semiconductor technology, whether on the subatomic level or in the context of large-scale industrial practices.

Table of Contents
Chapter   1. The Semiconductor Industry
Chapter   2. International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
Chapter   3. Semiconductor Materials and Process Chemicals
Chapter   4. Manufacturing Wafers
Chapter   5. Overview of Wafer Fabrication
Chapter   6. 300mm wafer diameter processing
Chapter   7. Contamination Control
Chapter   8. Process Yields
Chapter   9. Nanotechnology Processes
Chapter 10. Oxidation
Chapter 11. Basic Patterning -- Surface Preparation to Exposure
Chapter 12. Basic Patterning -- Developing to Final Inspection
Chapter 13. Advanced Photolithography Processes
Chapter 14. Doping
Chapter 15. Deposition of Dielectrics and Semiconductor Layers
Chapter 16. Metalization: Wiring the Chip Composites
Chapter 17. Process and Device Evaluation
Chapter 18. The Business of Water Fabrication
Chapter 19. Green Processing
Chapter 20. Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuit Formation
Chapter 21. Nanotechnology Devices
Chapter 22. Integrated Circuit Types
Chapter 23. Packaging
544 pages, hard cover, illustrated, fifth edition, ISBN 0-07-143241-8
© 2004, McGraw-Hill Book Company
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